Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Dark Side...

If it weren't for sunsets like this one and the family walk we had today, I think I might run for the border.

I am not one apt to complain, but I have to admit this is my first "winter of (occasional) discontent". This discontent is due largely to the fact that this is the longest amount of time I have ever been out of the state of Texas. Our last visit was the fall of '08. It has been more than a year since a dove met its demise at the end of my shotgun, or a "Oaxaca Tacqueria" burrito has crossed my lips, or my favorite Tony Llama boots graced the sweltering hot asphalt of Abilene, Texas...or Anywhere, Texas! Yes, folks I am ho0000mesick.

Due to the wind blowing mach 10 for the last few weeks most of our nice, ski-able, snow machinable, and sled-able snow has blown away. When the wind has done its work you are left with roads and parking lots of glare ice and the general feel of the dark side of the moon. Thankfully the darkness is slowly ebbing away and 4-5 minutes of increased sunlight is gifted to us each day.

Today the temperature broke into the 20s, the wind laid down, and the sun shone brilliantly. About 11:45am, Leif was beginning to remind me of a pan of jiffy pop right as it nears the moment of explosion. If it weren't for our bi-weekly trips to the gym and community volleyball (one of us plays while the other chases the kids up and down the halls of our local elementary school) one night a week, I would be right there with him.

I called Jeff and asked if he could come home early for lunch and take a family walk with us. I didn't think I could singularly handle pushing the stroller and Leif on his bike, while trying to stay upright on the ice. At the mention of a walk, Leif was determined to take his bike. I told him it might not go on the ice, but he said,

"It will if I peddle it."

At that, I had to let him try. After bundling myself and the kids up in 40 layers we took off.

Leif actually did ride his bike...quite long as he stayed on the "crunchy" parts. Occasionally we would look up and he would be stuck in a slick rut, peddling madly away. We didn't rush to rescue him, as I figured this was a good way for him to burn off some that "Jiffy Pop" energy.

After a nice walk in the sunshine we returned home to warm robes, hot chocolate, soup and sandwiches for lunch. I cleaned the kitchen and put the boys down for a nap (they actually slept from having worn off some of their energy) with a better attitude. It is amazing what a little Vitamin D and a reminder from your 3 year old: "you can even ride a bike on glare ice if you peddle hard enough" can do for one's attitude.

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