Friday, July 01, 2011

May and June Happenings...

In mid-May, Jeff was looking out the window above the kitchen sink when a beautiful, white pigeon flew into the yard looking somewhat injured. He went outside and the bird didn't fly off.

Pigeons are very rare in Alaska, if ever seen at all. So, we assumed the bird was a domesticated carrier pigeon. We figured out the bird wasn't injured, just exhausted. It allowed Jeff to catch it, so we put it into a dog kennel outside with some food and water. Initially, it enjoyed tortillas. Locally, we have a daily radio program that advertises lost pets called, "Dog Gone News". Jeff called and advertised the bird to no avail. After a few days of feeding and obvious recuperation, we figured it was time to let the bird go.

Jeff opened the door to the kennel and the bird flew out, landing nearby on the roof of the station, and then off into the "wild blue yonder". We assumed that was the last we would see of "Polly". We took the kennel out of the boy's play house and refilled the water and food. Later that day Jeff was preparing the garden and Polly showed up again, roosted in the boy's play house and officially adopted Jeff.

This bird is crazy! It follows him work in the morning, back home, on walks with the boys. If it could stay on top of the car when he leaves the house, it would. Just like the dog, Polly cheerfully greets us when we get home.

The other day I looked outside as Jeff was grinding and welding and the bird was just a few feet away from him watching his every move. Polly is here to stay. Funny thing is, Jeff is just as attached to her as she is to him. We wonder if she will migrate in the fall.


At the beginning of June we had a great visit from an old friend and coworker, Erin (Baldwin) Day, her husband Heath and their precious kids.

Leif and Nate loved making friends with Charyse and Trace.

I love the progression of these photos...

....and they're done.

Later in June we loaded up the new 5th wheel, the canoe and kayak for a family camping trip with the Cress clan.

Post camping stop at a cafe in Kasilof...we had fun fishing for lake trout, canoeing , kayaking, and playing in the water at Centennial Lake.

I love how Leif and Auden are wearing the same expression.

I think they're a little "fried".

Best Buddies...

We completed the month with Leif's first visit to the dentist. He did a great job having his teeth cleaned and x-rayed. He had a good report and has become a fanatical 2:00 minute brusher (complete with a timer).


Tom and Nancy said...

The pidgeon story is funny. Let us know what it does when the weather turns really cold.

Love the pictures! I'm esp. proud of your 5th wheel! I know you will take many great trips with it and make fun memories.

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

Enjoyed your bird story. You know I have a thing for birds, so this lifted my day. Love ya'll