Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Been Too Long...

After a rather long hiatus from the ol' blog I thought I might begin anew. A run down of the last year seems rather necessary:

The boys are doing great and enjoying the sunshine and snow of Alaska. Nate just celebrated his second birthday and astounds us daily with new verbal revelations. Leif is a great big brother and enjoys his role of protector and chief fun organizer. They really do play well together (for the most part).

However, I came in today to break up a skirmish when I realized Nate was screaming, "Let me kiss you, PLEASE!!!" Leif was nursing a wounded forehead that he explained was inflicted on him by Nate "running him over and hitting his head on the train track." I asked Nate if he ran over his brother on purpose and he said, "Yeah, but I want to kiss it." What are you gonna do?!!

Jeff and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in January and found out we were expecting again. Lord willing we will meet this new little one the first of September. I am still working at the Bay Club teaching water aerobics and swimming lessons. I also began coaching for the Kachemak Swim Club this last fall and loooove it!

Jeff is both working for World Christian Broadcasting and preaching at our local congregation; and enjoying the outdoors every chance he gets.

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