Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interview with Leif

I recently caught up with one of our country’s little heart-breakers, Leif Jaworski. He was in Anchorage, Alaska having dropped off his friends Jay Don, Debora and Jaylee Poindexter at the airport.

His family was doing some winter supply shopping when I met him in front of a Walmart.

As he was scampering toward the store front I heard his mom say, “Leif, let’s skip!”

He turned his cute little face up and said, “I can’t.”

Thinking that she might instruct him on how to skip they stopped short, but Leif’s masculinity is already in place as he firmly replied, “Momma, boys run.”

After a chuckle I followed him into the store and we sat down at the McDonalds while his dad went to be fitted for glasses.

Dressed like a little Gap model, he was wearing hiking boots, blue cords, a hooded sweater and a lined green canvas vest with a ball cap perched on his cute little crew cut.

“May we get started?” I asked. “What do you normally eat for lunch?”

“I like ham, cheese, ginger, and eggs,” he responded.

“Oh, you are on the protein-ginger diet?” I ask.

Not gaining a response I pressed on with, “What is your favorite thing to eat these days?”

“Hamburgers!” he yelled. I guess that is why we are at a McDonalds. His mom says he is allowed a piece of crystallized ginger if he eats all of his lunch. He gets ginger in place of candy. He thinks it is a real treat evidently. I turn the conversation to something any kid would like to talk about: toys.

“Leif, tell me about your favorite toys,” I said.

“I like trains,” He states. “James, Percy and Thomas.” I thought he looked like a Thomas-the-train fan.

"Reading to Red"

“What is your favorite place to play?” I ask.

“Auden and Brahm’s,” he replies. I had heard that he was still close with his friend since the cradle, Auden Cress. A loyal friend, she is five months his senior and Brahm his junior just having turned two.

“Who is your best friend?” I ask.

“Jaylee,” He responds. When pressed as to why, he says that she reads to him and plays with him and his toys. Jaylee Poindexter, age 8 just spent two weeks with Leif. Her family came to Anchor Point to vacation and for her dad to teach a gospel meeting and preacher’s conference. I can tell they made a bond for life.

“Your mom tells me you are reading some words and love to have books read to you. What is your favorite book?” I ask next.

“Polar Express,” he replies. I spy a knowing grin on his mom’s face that says, ‘Yes, we read the Polar Express year round.’ This boy really is crazy about trains.

Seeing that Leif’s attention is waning, I bring the conversation around to the upcoming Halloween holiday. “If you could dress up as anyone or anything what would you be, Leif?” I ask.

He ponders this question for a moment and then confidently says, “Jesus!”

It is good to know his hero is the one and only Savior of the free world. His mom says that he actually is going to be a farmer and his little brother, Nate is going to dress up as an ear of corn. They have a friend’s party to attend and then will go to a neighbor’s house for dinner.

Leif and his mom graciously thanked me for the interview and departed. I told them the pleasure was all mine.

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