Tuesday, August 04, 2009

There's a bobber in my bread crumbs!

Yesterday my mom was leaving after a month long stay. In an effort to send her off right, I made her a fancy halibut lunch. The recipe calls for marinating the halibut steaks in white wine and then dredging them in Italian bread crumbs. You place the breaded halibut in a casserole dish and schemer a yummy mixture of sour cream, butter, mayonnaise, scallions, garlic and cayenne pepper over the whole dish. Bake it and then serve it with angel hair pasta .... it tastes pretty good.

As I went to retrieve my large container of bread crumbs from the back of a lower cabinet (that is latched with a childproof latch), I was met with quite a surprise as I opened the container. Inside I had about two cups of bread crumbs with a small red and white bobber and a whiffle golf ball sitting on top. I couldn't help but laugh. How my three year old got into the "child proof" cabinet I will never know, but also quite remarkable is why he thought I needed a bobber and a whiffle golf ball?!

I love having boys! They are so awesome! This small gift reminded me yet again how much I have to be thankful for. Leif and Nate are growing like the beautiful fire weed that covers my back yard. Each day is filled with new discoveries as they blossom and grow. Just this morning we spent time at an imaginary pool made of blue blankets on the floor. Leif put his swim suit on over his sweats and grabbed his pool toys. After a while he grew tired of swimming and decided that his pool float was really a boat on the bay. He fished for salmon and halibut for over an hour (with yet another bobber fastened to an undone and partially limp balloon animal). Life doesn't get much better.

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