Thursday, November 09, 2006

Letter to Leif

I write Leif letters and thought that some of you might enjoy reading one. Occasionally I may put a letter on the blog.

Dear Leif,
Today you are 4 months old! We spent a fun day making jam from the raspberries we picked yesterday. You were so cute dressed in your lamb sweats, hanging out in the snugli. You loved watching momma pick berries and put them in the bucket. By the end of our picking you were covered in raspberry juice.

Melanie Firth, our neighbor and mother of 7 taught momma how to make jam. After three batches, we had a wonderful lunch of fresh baked wheat bread and the foam from the jam. As we sat around the table with the kids enjoying their bread I thought about how joyous the simple things in life are…putting up fruit, baking bread, washing dishes by hand in sudsy water (that you have warmed on the stove, because the Firths do not have running water), and time with family and friends. Son, my prayer is that you never lose sight of the life that is simple. You will no doubt want to explore this world and seek after your own adventures, but I hope you will always appreciate the basics. A home cooked meal is always better than one from a restaurant. Work done by your own two hands is never a waste of time. Time spent outdoors is better than in. A conversation or a book is far more important than any TV show.

Finally, love our Lord and follow his commands. He will never forsake you. As I am writing this I am reminded of the wise words of Lynyrd Skynyrd in the song, “Simple Man” – check it out.



mandy mclemore said...

That's so sweet of you to write letters to your little buddy and some good thoughts there for me to consider. Thanks.


Erin said...

Dana- What an awesome gift to give your son! I fine treasure.

Your Kansas Buddie-

Elaine said...

Hi Dana,
Erin passed along the link to your is so great! I remember back in our HSU days what joy you got from just a beautiful day. Coming from a busy city, you taught me how to appreciate those simple things as well. What a beautiful lesson we can all learn! Looking forward to hear more about life in Alaska!


Anonymous said...


I loved this picture of Leif and Jeff so much I made it my computer desktop background image and have been showing it to my board. Thanks for posting it.